Industrial Disease and Injury expert witness
Industrial Disease and Injury expert witness

We have extensive experience in this area and can provide detailed reports on many industrial diseases, including

  • Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)
  • respiratory diseases including silicosis (silica dust exposure)
  • asbestos related diseases (asbestosis and mesothelioma)
  • cancer
  • dermatitis
  • hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)
  • vibration induced carpal tunnel sydrom (CTS)

Our experience in this area covers all types of industries over many years and we have information and data for many workplaces that are no longer in existence. We also have the capability to monitor and measure workplaces and exposure.

Our expertise can also determine whether a condition has been caused by exposure to hazardous substances, such as isocyanates, platinum salts, epoxy resins, enzymes and flour and grain dusts.