We investigate a very wide range of accidents which occur in all types of workplaces and also in domestic, retail and other environments.
Some examples of incidents commonly investigated are given below.

Industrial Disease and personal Injury expert witness

Slips, Trips and Falls

By using specialist measuring equipment SS&G can assist in providing information regarding the slip resistance and surface roughness of a flooring material and how it compares with published guidelines. We can also advise on whether stairs, paths and pavements are adequately constructed.

Industrial Disease and personal Injury expert witness

Manual Handling and Repetitive Strain Injuries

We can provide a thorough ergonomic assessment of a manual handling task and advise upon compliance with HSE recommendations.

Industrial Disease and Injury expert witness

Exposure to hazardous chemicals and fumes

We are able to report on injuries arising from exposure to all types of chemicals and fumes in the workplace and at home. We can also investigate injuries arising from unexpected chemical reactions and from contact with everyday substances such as cosmetics. Our reports deal with issues such as training and enforcement with regard to the use of personal protective equipment and we advise on its suitability.

rail and trackwork

Railways and Trackwork

SS&G were involved in the Potters Bar investigation. Our extensive expertise in railway accident investigations includes the manufacture of rails, workshop equipment, electrical multiple units, bogies and the construction and testing of switches and crossings. We have a thorough knowledge of work routines and safe systems of work. We also assess damage to rolling stock and have investigated slam door failure.